The Boomer Legacy


Site Rationale

“The Boomer Legacy” uses photographs, text and diagrams to satirically explore impacts of the Baby Boomer generation. Launched in January 2013 and with xxTOTHITSxx page-views to date, the project is maintained without any external funding in its author's spare time.

The point here?… That images are a potent form of history, and history will not be kind.

Boomer Details

This project assumes that the “Boomer” generation is defined demographically (ABS, 2004):

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Fig.1   TFRs 1921-2013

More specifically, Australian boomers are those who were born between Q1 1949 and Q3 1964:

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Fig.2   Baby boomers from TFRs

Graph data is from: 3105.0.65.001 - Australian Historical Population Statistics, 2008 (ABS, 2008) and 3301.0 - Births, Australia, 2011 (ABS, 2011).

Please note, other countries define their boomer generation slightly differently.

The USA for example start their boom earlier in 1946 because they use the number of births per 1000 population (CDC, 2012). Alternatively, some suggest the demographic definition of boomers is far too generic (Goerres, 2012), arguing that boomers are more a cultural phenomenon and thus the boom should be restricted to (say) 1946—1955.


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