The Boomer Legacy


Tune in, drop out

“The Boomer Legacy” uses photographs, text and diagrams to explore impacts of the Baby Boomer generation.



Started in January 2013, the site features photographs and illustrations created by the author. There is an emphasis on Australian themes and the overall approach is satirical, although it does also have its serious moments. With 55825 page-views and 51% complete, the project is maintained in the author's spare time without any external funding.

The point here?… That history will not be kind.

Sample Images

There are currently 153 photographs in the project — click on one of the eight samples below to view it full-sized:

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What is a “boomer”

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Boomers in the dictionary

Ignoring the large, fully grown male kangaroos… the demographic definition of “Baby Boomer” applies to those born in the twenty-year period following World War Two, when the sustained average total fertility rate was greater than 3.0 babies per woman (ABS, 2004):

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Fig.1   TFRs 1921-2013

To be more specific, Australian boomers are those who were born between Q1 1949 and Q3 1964:

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Fig.2   Baby boomers from TFRs

For data and discussion about these graphs, see the Boom-Notes Section.

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